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Honda Motor Company

Book: Japan Experiences - Fifty Years, One Hundred Views: Post-War Japan Through British Eyes
Author: Baker, Kenneth; Denis Healey; Julian Ridsdale; and Patrick Jenkin

Although few British politicians have had more than a cursory knowledge of Japan, large numbers of MPs have visited the country, and some have managed to achieve more than a passing acquaintance with it. The British Japan Parliamentary Group and the UK-Japan 2000 Group (later UK-Japan 21st Century Group) have been the driving force behind this. Here key figures from these organisations describe their dealings with Japan.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume VI
Author: Cortazzi, Hugh

This essay provides an account of Honda Sōichirō's (1906-1991) life, personality, and business relationship with Britain.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume II
Author: Oba, Sadao

This essay gives an overview to some of the prominent businessmen who spent significant parts of their careers in Britain.