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Horticulture (see also 'Gardens')

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume IX
Author: Watanabe Toshio

This portrait details how painter and garden designer Alfred William Parsons (1847-1920) played a catalytic role in the growth of watercolour painting in Japan in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, considering the development of notions such as 'nature' and 'landscape'.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume IV
Author: Herries, Amanda

This portrait considers the significance of two nineteenth-century plant collectors in Japan, Robert Fortune and John Gould Veitch.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume VIII
Author: Kajihara-Nolan, Yuka; Jason Nolan; and Jill Raggett

Handa Taki (1871-1956) had a career as a gardener that was varied and international. This portrait details her life and dealings with gardening and gardens in Britain.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume IX
Author: Hardman, Graham

This biographical portrait describes the development of the Japanese Garden Society in the UK, and how it has increasingly sought to use gardens as a way of fostering and developing relationships between the two countries, introducing the British public to Japanese culture.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume VIII
Author: Watanabe Toshio

This essay details Josiah Conder's (1852-1920) life as the first advocate for the building of Japanese gardens in Britain, and his theory of Japanese garden design.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume VII
Author: Raggett, Jill

This portait outlines the major figures of Japanese garden design in Britain, their separate contributions to the medium, and their impact upon the understanding of other aspects of Japanese culture in Britain. Includes thoughts from Eida Saburo, Suzuki Jiju, Honda Taki, and Kusumoto Seyemon.