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Ceramics and ceramicists (see also 'Design and crafts')

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume VI
Author: Rousmaniere, Nicole Coolidge

This essay compares and contrasts the parallel careers of two of the Victorian era's most influential collectors of Japanese art, Augustus Wollaston Franks (1826-97) and James Lord Bowes (1834-1899)

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume VIII
Author: Maezaki Shinya

This portrait provides an account of the exchange of skills in the world of ceramics and pottery between Japan and Britain through Matsubayashi Tsurunosuke (1894-1932) and his visit to Britain from 1922-1924, as well as his wider introduction of Japanese culture to Britain.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume X
Author: Redfern, Mary

A display at the Museum of the Imperial Collections (Tokyo) was about three Minton dessert stands (tableware and ceramics produced in Stoke-on-Trent, specific for their western-style 1870s-1880s designs) kept by the Meiji Emperor.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume III
Author: Cortazzi, Hugh

This essay provides an account of the life and career of Sir John Figgess (1909-97), businessman, intelligence officer, diplomat and art expert.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume IX
Author: Maclean, Nicolas

The Great Japan Exhibition (1981-82) opened many eyes to some of the great achievements of Japanese art and culture. This essay details what at the time was the most comprehensive exhibition ever devoted to its subject, even in Japan itself.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume I
Author: Cortazzi, Hugh

This essay considers the friendship between Bernard Leach and Yanagi Sōetsu (1889-1961), as well as their relationship to the Minegi movement.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume VIII
Author: Cortazzi, Hugh

Tomimoto Kenkichi (1886-1963) was one of Japan's leading artists of the twentieth century. This portrait examines both his skill with ceramics and friendship with the great British potter Bernard Leach.