Japan Society E-Library


Book: Britain and Japan 1859-1991: Themes and Personalities
Author: Hamilton, Valerie

A chronological overview of Anglo-Japanese Relations between 1858-1990. 

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume VI
Author: Cheke, Dudley

A facsimile of the British Embassy, Tokyo, report on the Beatles' 1966 visit to Japan.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume VI
Author: Daniels, Gordon, and Robert Whitaker

This essay reports on the Daiwa Foundations 40th anniversary of the Beatle's visit to Japan in 1966.

Book: Japan Experiences - Fifty Years, One Hundred Views: Post-War Japan Through British Eyes
Author: Ellingworth, Dick, and Francis Rundall

Dick Ellingworth, First Secretary and Olympic Attaché at the Embassy from 1963 recalls the state of Japan at this time, and the Embassy's role in the Tokyo Olympics.