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Itoh Keiko

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume VIII

Eikichi and Rosa Itoh carved out a niche in Anglo-Japanese relations that spanned the twentieth century. This portrait details their career and dealings with Britain.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume III

Hisaakira Kanō's (1886-1963) family rode the tide of a rapidly changing Japan, being open to Western ways and modern thinking, but responding in ways that were rooted in his traditional samurai background.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume VIII

This essay puts the introduction of tennis to Japan in the context of British colonialism and Japanese modernisation.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume V

The history of the Yokohama Specie Bank in London provides a useful window into Japan's pre-war efforts to establish herself as a first-rate modernized empire. This essay considers how the bank reflects Japan's bold strides into the financial centre of the world, London.