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Checkland, Olive

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume IV

This essay considers the little-known W.K. Burton's (1856-99) outstanding contribution to the municipal infrastructure of Meiji Japan.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume III

This essay considers the important contribution of Henry Dyer to the success of the nascent engineering profession in Japan and to the modernization of the Japanese education system.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume I

In an effort to raise the status of Japan to that of a major world power, many engineers were sent from Meiji Japan to work and study in Britain. This portrait charts the challenges and opportunities afforded by this endeavour and the resultant exchange between Japan and Britain.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume III

Though he was initially an isolationist, the great artist Kawanabe Kyōsai (1832-89) had many dealings with Europeans such as Josiah Conder, and his work was much appreciated by British connoisseurs of Japanese art. This essay charts his life and tutelage of British artists in the Meiji period.