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Britton, Dorothy

Book: Japan Experiences - Fifty Years, One Hundred Views: Post-War Japan Through British Eyes

Dorothy Britton was born in Japan before the war and returned there during the Occupation. This chapter gives an account of her life as a bridge between Japanese and English cultures.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume VI

This essay provides a thorough and tender account of Frank Britton's (1879-1934) life, relations with Japan, and his role in the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume V

This portrait displays the life and political career of Prince and Princess Chichibu both in Japan and Britain, as well as their role in the attempted coups d'état of 1932.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume VI

This essay offers a lively account of Elizabeth Keith's artistic career in Japan, recounting her personality, talents, and affection for Japanese craftsmanship.

Book: Biographical Portraits Volume II

Richard Ponsonby-Fane (1878-37) was a prodigious scholar and writer on Japan, and yet his name is absent from encyclopaedias or bibliographies. Here Dorothy Britton celebrates his personal legacy.